The PaperSchmidt is the first rebound hammer designed specifically for roll hardness testing. The instrument is based on customer feedback and extensive site surveys carried out with major manufacturers and converters around the world. For press pictures and documents about the PaperSchmidt, please click here.

Meeting the needs of the paper industry

A new measuring principle and a high compliance plunger provide roll-profiling accuracy and repeatability that was unachievable before now. In addition to this, the PaperSchmidt has an extended lifetime to cope with the heavy demands of the paper industry and dedicated tools, such as pre-defined tolerances that make assessing a profile a simple matter.

Paperlink Software

Download, present and edit data measured by the PaperSchmidt in a fast and easy way using any PC. This allows the user to quickly check the roll profile against user defined tolerances. It also allows the user to define roll identifier names for batch testing and download these onto the hammer. All data can be exported to third party applications or printed out.